Our History

Calabria region is known for its conservation techniques of products from the land and the sea. Here, it is typical to conserve any type of vegetable such as sundried tomatoes, aubergines, green and black olives, wild artichokes as well as various types of mushrooms from Porcini to Ramarias and Tub gurnard. This land also offers a great deal of different herbs starting from fresh oregano to our typical and super spicy red chillies, both powdered or in olive oil. Not to mention the great fishing culture that defines the Calabria region and its way of processing and conserving seafood. In the past, despite the abundance of seafood in this area, fishermen always created innovative recipes to conserve fish in case of a barren spell, especially since this area was often attacked by the military incursions from the Saracens, Turkish and Arabs. However, the techniques of processing and conserving fish remained unchanged.

From the passion for the products that our sun kissed land gifts us, inspired by recipes from the past, we accurately and carefully select our raw products, handled by knowing and caring hands, which are then transformed into delicious dishes to be served. It is also the long term experience passed on through generations from fathers to sons that makes Buscema Gastronomia products a synonym of quality and safety.


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